Ceramic Coatings
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What is a ceramic coating?

Ceramic coatings have become a popular choice among car enthusiasts who are trying to maintain the glossy vibrance of their car's exterior while adding additional protection from UV rays, bird droppings, bug residue. Made from a liquid polymer that adheres to the paint of your vehicle, these coatings last longer than traditional waxes and synthetic sealants due to their durability and adhesion capabilities. Ceramic coatings also require minimal maintenance and, due to their hydrophobic properties, dirt and grime are more easily cleaned off the vehicle's exterior, saving additional time and money in the process.

A top of the line product applied by a SystemX accredited installer. Our Ceramic Coating packages will create a solid level of protection to the paintwork of your vehicle. With an average lifespan that can last up to five years or more, you’ll be able to depend on it to keep your car looking amazing for years to come.

Ohio Critical Details
Ceramic Coating Packages

CrystalSS ceramic coating bottle

Entry Level Ceramic Coating

Turnaround: 1-2 Days

Our entry level ceramic coating package is the perfect blend of quality and value. The hydrophobic qualities provide a high gloss finish that can withstand harsh elements, expecting 3 years of durability with proper care and regular maintenance.

This package includes:
  • Full exterior detail wash
  • Clay bar treatment and paint decor to remove any impurities embedded into the paint
  • 1 Stage paint correction
  • SystemX-CrystalSS ceramic coating applied to all painted surfaces
  • No-sling tire shine
  • Service reported to CARFAX
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SystemX Pro nano coating

Semi-permament 9H Ceramic Coating Package

Turnaround: 1-2 Days

Our Signature ceramic package will make your car look fantastic while providing excellent environmental protection and ease of cleaning.

This package includes:
  • Full exterior detailed cleaning
  • Paint decon + Clay bar treatment to remove all impurities embedded into the paint
  • 1 or 2 stage paint correction (depending on you and your vehicle's needs)
  • No-sling tire shine
  • SystemX-PRO semi-permanent 9H ceramic coating applied to all painted surfaces
  • Service reported to CARFAX
  • Warranty included (see detailer for more info)
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Permament 9H Ceramic Coating Package

Turnaround: 2 Days

Our top-of-the-line self cleaning coating package provides a super slick and extremely glossy finish that will leave your vehicle looking new even years from now when you decide to sell it.  - This product was featured on “West Coast Customs”

This package includes:
  • Full exterior deep clean and detail
  • Clay bar treatment and paint decon to remove impurities
  • 2 Step paint correction
  • SystemX-MAX permanent 9H ceramic coating applied to all painted surfaces
  • Application of no-sling tire shire
  • Service reported to CARFAX
  • Lifetime warranty included (see detailer for more info)
Durability that's guaranteed for 10+ years with the proper care and maintenance
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SystemX Max bottle

Our Ceramic Coating Process

Everything that happens between the preparation process and the actual application of the clear coat is essential to the quality and result of the job. Below is a step by step procedure of our unmatched ceramic coating service.

Detailed Cleaning

Thoroughly washing the car is the first and most important stage in the process. This includes making sure the paint, wheels, tires, emblems, door jams, and the grill area are free of all surface level dirt and bugs.


The decontamination stage includes two different steps.  

A specially designed chemical usually referred to as a “Iron Remover’ is sprayed on the exterior of the vehicle then rinsed off. This process helps remove brake dust and rail dust (iron deposits) that get embedded into the paint. 

The claying process will remove any remaining road grime that a standard wash just doesn't seem to get, helping give it that slick and smooth feel.

(Paint Correction)

This stage ensures that your car is free of minor swirls and scratches, to prevent it from looking rough under the protective layer.

Applying The
Ceramic Coating

This is where our expertise comes into play.
- By applying the coating in a even layer and allowing it to flash to the paint before carefully buffing away any excess coating.

Finishing Touches

The finishing touches involve examining all painted surfaces and wiping off any excess to remove any high spots so the ceramic is fully leveled.