What does it cost to get your car detailed?

Interior Detailing

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Ceramic Coatings

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Full Detail

(Inside & Out)
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Detailing Price's in Columbus, OH

Interior Detailing

Our interior details without carpet shampoo starts at $100

Interior details with carpet shampoo starts at $160

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Detail Packages

Our detail packages
(inside & out) start at $170

Time required: 3-4 hours

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Exterior Detail

Wash and wax starts at: $150

Our paint correction packages start at $199

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Ceramic Coating

3 year ceramic coating starts at $550

6 year ceramic coating starts at $699

Lifetime coating's start at $1,099


Detailing at your Convenience

Interior Detailing

We offer two interior only packages. The first one is our mini interior detail this is perfect for anyone looking for a quick vacuum and wipe down on the interior of their vehicle. This package starts at $100. - Our next package is our deep interior detail. This package includes carpet and upholstery shampooing, steam cleaning, headliner cleaning, and anything else you may want cleaned and sanitized. This package starts at $160.

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Genesis that received a full detail

Detail Packages

Interested in a full interior and exterior detail? We've got you covered! if you're looking for a simple cleaning on the inside and out of your vehicle. Go with our basic detail starting at $170. If you're looking for something more detail oriented then our elite detail is the package for you. Starting at $220 this includes all interior surfaces cleaned, conditioned, and protected. Then for the exterior we start with the wheels and a pre-wash to remove all loose dirt. Followed by covering the entire exterior with a ph-balanced soap using a foam cannon. This ensures no scratches occur while we hand wash the paint using the two bucket method. Once we have carefully cleaned all exterior surfaces we will give it a quick rinse then we will use an iron remover plus a clay bar to decontaminate the paint. Once the paint is super slick a free from impurities we will thourghly rinse and dry the vehicle. To finish up we will shine the tires with a non-sling tire shine and make sure the windows are streak free inside and out.

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Ceramic Protection

We offer nothing but the best when it comes to long-term protection. Our detailers have been trained and certified through SystemX Protection. We offer ceramic coatings that are guaranteed to last 3 year, 6 year, and a lifetime coating. The price can range anywhere from $600 - $1250 depending on the package you choice.

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BMW i8 coated with SystemX

Not Sure what service is right for you?

We will do our best to guide you in the right direction. Starting off we recommend getting one of our Interior and Exterior packages. Even if you regularly go to the car wash to vacuum and wash your vehicle, chances are you can still benefit from getting your car detailed. 

Benefit 1: The car wash isn't as thorough

Benefit 2: Using the brushes at a car wash you HIGHLY increase the chance of getting scratches and swirl marks. When you come to us for your detailing needs we ensure that we will be delicate with your vehicle's paint. 

Benefit 3: Have you noticed that no matter how many times you wash your vehicle it still has the rough/grain feel? That's because over time grime, bugs, and iron particles are embedded into the paint. Our Elite Detail package includes iron decontamination and a clay bar treatment.

Not interested in exterior detailing? Not a problem, we offer 2 different interior only packages. Our first package is our mini interior detail, this is great for anyone that just wants a quick and simple interior detail. This includes vacuuming, wiping down all vinyl and hard plastics, then of course clean windows. The second package is our deep interior detail, this includes carpet shampoo, steam cleaning, headliner cleaned and just an overall more thorough cleaning.

Do you keep the inside of your vehicle fairly clean and don't feel the need to get it detailed but tired of looking at dull paint? Well we have a package for you… Our gloss enhancement package will help bring back that shine you remember when you first purchased your vehicle.

 Has the weather here in Columbus, Ohio taken its toll on your vehicle's paint work? Get rid of those scratches, swirl marks, etchings, or other paint defects with one of our paint correction packages. 

Want to protect your vehicle's paint to avoid scratches, swirl marks, etc? Then we highly recommend going with one of ceramic coating packages. Not only will this help with preventing scratches it also makes cleaning your vehicle a breeze. Contact us today to find out how one of our SystemX Accredited Installers can help protect and maintain the value of your ride.