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Quality detailing at an affordable price

Automotive detailing is a professional service that focuses more on conditioning, shampooing, polishing, and maintaining the paint of your car to keep it looking beautiful and shiny for longer.

Cleaning your car can be a hassle, but it's worth the effort if you want to protect your investment. We understand how frustrating and time-consuming cleaning out all those nooks and crannies can be! Leave this job for us; with our professional interior and exterior detailing services we guarantee that every inch of your vehicle will look like new again.

When you have a professional detailer take care of your car, you'll eliminate one more thing from your "to do" list. We all know how busy our lives get sometimes and not everyone has time for vehicle detailing.

Ohio Critical Details
full detail packages

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Basic Detail

Turnaround Approximately: 3 Hours
This package includes:
Our express interior detail
  • Vacuum carpet, seats, and floor mats
  • Wipe down vinyl, rubber, and hard plastics
  • Leather seats cleaned
  • Door jam's wiped down
Exterior wash
  • Wheels and tires cleaned
  • Pre-wash with foam cannon
  • Contact wash using the two bucket method
  • Rinse and hand/blow dry
  • Tires shinned
  • Windows cleaned inside and out
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Elite Detail

Turnaround Approximately: 4 Hours
This package includes:
Interior Detail
  • Vacuum carpets, seats, and floor mats
  • Shampoo carpets, and upholstery (if needed)
  • Steam clean vinyl, rubber and hard plastics
  • Leather seats will be cleaned and conditioned
  • UV protect vinyl and leather seats
  • Wipe down door jams
Exterior Detail
  • Wheels and tires cleaned
  • Pre-wash paint with foam cannon
  • Contact wash using the two bucket method
  • Decontaminate paint with IronX
  • Clay bar treatment
  • Rinse then hand/blow dry vehicle
  • Tire's shinned (no-sling)
  • Windows cleaned inside & out
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fully detailed black 2021 BMW

Benefits of getting your car detailed

Improve the condition of your car

A proper detail should not only keep your car clean but also improve its overall appearance. To ensure that the car remains in good condition, you should get proper detailing done on a regular basis to remove any kind of dirt or dust accumulated on the surface.

Reduce the chance of scratching the paint

Car washes are super convenient but can also lead to marring and swirl marks. A detailing expert will place more attention on trying to retain the beauty of your vehicle rather than just keeping it clean, preventing the occurrence of scratches.

Increase the value of your car

The price of your car can go up after a clean, professional detailing job. We will remove any dirt, grime, and other exterior marring defects to make sure you can increase the price of the automobile when it's up for sale.

Car Detailing at it's Finest

We use the latest, cutting-edge tools and advanced equipment, including a high-end steam cleaner to make sure that each and every part of your car is thoroughly cleaned with the utmost perfection and precision that Ohio Critical Detail is known for. Our priority is to help you maintain and enhance the integrity and beauty of your vehicle inside and out. From us, you’re guaranteed to receive the kind of services that will not just make your car look and smell clean, but will also maintain and increase its value.

At Ohio Critical Detail LLC, we have mastered the art of cleaning, correcting, and protecting the inside and outside of your vehicle like no other. Our team of experts know that protecting the paint from the elements is no easy task, but we have perfected our automotive detailing process to give your vehicle the best chance against Mother Nature and more.